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Dadswell Family History

Robert Doudeswell (ca 1560-1636) and some Dadswell descendants

This website has information on a number of Dadswell families who migrated from England to Australia, particularly during the 1800s. Some later arrivals will be included where information is available.

To read information about these family lines, you can:

  • scan the Direct links list below, and click on any of the underlined names and follow the family line back to the 1500s; OR
  • use the Family chart below and click on Robert Doudeswell's name and see his information before moving to the next generation; OR
  • use the Index of names to find the person who interests you; OR
  • use the Search page to find what you want.

To help with navigation, generations have been given numbers starting with Robert Doudeswell (ca 1560-1636) as generation 1.

Direct links

These links go direct to a Dadswell who either migrated to Australia or whose name became well known in Australia -

Dadswell, Barbara, Anne and Edward - three young siblings who were 1839 migrants to NSW
Dadswell, Charles Frederick - 5-year-old orphan migrant to Sydney in 1852, who became a shoe and boot manufacturer
Dadswell, Herbert John - child migrant to Victoria in 1913, who returned to fight in World War One
Dadswell, Llewellyn - 1913 migrant to Queensland, policeman
Dadswell, Thomas and Helena - 1857 English/German migrants to Victoria (Dadswells Bridge)

Well-known Australian-born Dadswells
Dadswell, Eric - forester, wood scientist of Sydney and Melbourne
Dadswell, Henry William - World War One soldier, horticulturalist of Red Cliffs, Victoria
Dadswell, Lyndon - sculptor, of Sydney
Dadswell, Marion - teacher, traveller, writer

Family chart

Generation 1
Robert Doudeswell (ca 1560-1636) married Elizabeth (family name unknown, died 1610). Robert and Elizabeth had 9 children, including -
Down-pointing arrow
Generation 2
Robert Doudeswell (1606-1676) married Mary Aynscombe (died 1633). Robert & Mary had 2 children, including -
Down-pointing arrow
Generation 3
Edward Dodswell (1659-1736) married Elizabeth Elliott (ca1657-1735). Edward & Elizabeth had 9 children, including these three -
Down-pointing arrow
Dadswell family tree

The above chart can also be viewed in PDF format (5kb).

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