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Dadswell Family History

Family tree
Robert Doudeswell and some descendants

This family tree has information on 11 generations of the Dadswell family which originated in England, probably in Gloucestershire, but which relocated to Sussex, and which since the 1850s has been in Australia.

At this time, most of the information relates to Robert Doudeswell (born about 1560) and his direct descendants who lead to one group of Australian Dadswells. As the earliest family member identified so far, Robert Doudeswell has been identified (on this website) as generation 1.

To read about any of these family members, you can:

  • scan the chart below and click on any of the underlined names; OR
  • click on Robert's name and see his information before moving to the next generation.
Generation 1
Robert Doudeswell (ca 1560-1636) married Elizabeth (surname unknown, died 1610). Robert & Elizabeth had 9 children, including
     Down-pointing arrow
Generation 2
Robert Doudeswell (1606-1676) married Mary Aynscombe (died 1633). Robert & Mary had 2 children, including
     Down-pointing arrow
Generation 3
Edward Dodswell (1659-1736) married Elizabeth Elliott (ca1657-1735). Edward & Elizabeth had 9 children, including
     Down-pointing arrow
Generation 4
Alexander Dodswell (1686-1766) married Anne Baker (died 1778). Alexander & Anne had 8 children, including
     Down-pointing arrow
Generation 5
Thomas Dadswell (1732-1803) married Sarah Brown (died 1808). Thomas & Sarah had 10 children, including
     Down-pointing arrow
Generation 6
James Dadswell (1786-1838) married Charlotte Ovenden (ca 1788-1882). James & Charlotte had 10 children, including these three -
     Down-pointing arrow
Generation 7
Jane Hannah Dadswell (1815-1894) who married John Bassett - see information on Walter Thomas Bassett
Generation 7
Thomas William Dadswell (1828-1908)
married 1. Sarah Holmes (1829-?)
2. Helena Scheer (1831-1873)
Thomas & Helena arrived in Australia
in 1857 and had 7 children Arrow pointing to right
Generation 8
Charlotte Martha Dadswell
Alfred Otto Dadswell
Emma Elizabeth Dadswell
Charles Thomas Dadswell
Henry William Dadswell
Helena Matilda Dadswell
Ulrica Mary Ann Dadswell
Generation 7
Charles Dadswell (1834-1917) who married Ann Card - see information on Llewellyn Dadswell
Detailed information is provided on each of the generation 8 children
of Thomas William and Helena Aurora (Scheer) Dadswell.
Generation 8 (family of Thomas & Helena)

Charlotte Martha Dadswell (1858-1875)
Alfred Otto Dadswell (1860-1946)
married Emma Lewin (1862-1918)
Otto & Emma had 3 children Arrow pointing to right
Generation 9
Henry William Dadswell
Stanley Alfred Dadswell
Ethel May Dadswell
Emma Elizabeth Dadswell (1861-1955)
married Henry Fitzroy Bell (1852-1931)
Emma had 10 childrenArrow pointing to right
Bell family
Charles Thomas Dadswell (1863-1940)
married Susan Broadwood (1865-1950)
Charles & Susan had 5 children Arrow pointing to right
Charles Dadswell
Elena Ivy Dadswell
Olive Myrtle Dadswell
Thomas William Dadswell
Male child
Henry William Dadswell (1865-1877)
Helena Matilda Dadswell (1867-1945)
married Sidney Herbert Norwood (1864-1944)
Helena had 6 children Arrow pointing to right
Norwood family
Ulrica Mary Ann Dadswell (1868-1955)
married Robert Francis Dunbar (1863-1950)
Ulrica had 8 children Arrow pointing to right
Dunbar family
Information is provided on each of these
generation 9 members and their families.
Generation 9 (family of Otto & Emma Dadswell)

Henry William Dadswell (1894-1978)
married Jessie Isabel Smiley (1908-1981)
Henry & Jessie had 5 children Arrow pointing to right
Generation 10 onwards
Jean Marion Dadswell
Gladys (Gaye Robinson)
Thomas (Toz) Dadswell
Douglas Dadswell
Harley Dadswell
Stanley Alfred Dadswell (1896-1957)
married Ethel Eveline Mary Pilgrim (1907-1978)
Stan & Ethel had 3 children Arrow pointing to right
Alfred William (Bill) Dadswell
Percival (Perce) Leslie Dadswell
Norman Stanley Dadswell
Ethel May Dadswell (1897-1943)
married Charles Lawrence Mitting (1895-1929)
Charles & Ethel had 4 children Arrow pointing to right
Mitting family
Generation 9 (family of Charles & Susan Dadswell)

Charles Dadswell (1893-1917)
Elena Ivy Dadswell (1895-1967)
married 1. Francis Day, 2. Reinholdt Muller,
3. Walter Rudolph Hartmann
Olive Myrtle Dadswell (1898-1951)
married Alexander Heslop (1896-1974)
Heslop family
Thomas William Dadswell (1900-1985) married
Violet Ilma Evangeline Burford (1900-1983)
Tom & Ilma had 2 children Arrow pointing to right
Charles Robert Dadswell
Ken Dadswell
Male child Dadswell (b & d 1902)

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