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Dadswell Family


This website contains short histories of a number of Dadswell families or individuals who migrated to Australia, particularly those who made the journey in the 1800s.

The story of the early Dadswell generations is common to all family members. But over time, separate families emerged and some of these migrated to Australia, creating new stories. To read about these people, see Dadswell Family History.

Historic information

  Robert Doudeswell and some Australian descendants
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Family feature stories

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5 Aug 2014
Feature Story: The world of forestry, wood science

A lifetime passion by an Australian Dadswell led to the establishment of the Dadswell Memorial Wood Collection, a 'wood library' containing more than 45,000 samples representing 10,000 species, 2200 genera and 240 botanical families of timbers important to the world of science and commerce. Details.

Sapper Henry Dadswell
Diary of a Sapper

As a young World War One signaller, Henry Dadswell managed to keep a diary as he risked death from bullets, shells and disease on the World War One battlefields of France and Belgium. His extraordinary story has been published as a book. For more details about his life in the trenches, his original diaries and the book, see Diary of a Sapper.

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